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Included services

Source-site monitoring

Your source-site is monitored 24/7 by our professional support team. If any incidents arise, you will be informed of the issue and we will work with you to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Security and protection

Our security services adds security to your website to ensure data security and prevents external Internet attacks so your website is available at all times. All our CDN services are built in with security features like tamper-proofing, anti-hotlinking, access restrictions, and anti-DNS attacks.

Site analytics

With our reporting platform, you can analyze user behavior and access patterns and use the insight gained to optimize your website and marketing efforts.

WSQS monitoring system

Use the WSQS monitoring system to assess the performance of your website. You can even conduct simulations of website performance based on simulated end-user behaviors.

Performance testing tools

With our proprietary performance testing platform, you can quickly and easily setup a test environment to perform web acceleration testing real-time. Gain insight by generating reports for website performance testing results.

Set request limits

Easily set thresholds of requests to your source site. When threshold is exceeded, a queue will be created for overflow requests, which will alleviate the bottleneck on your site due to sudden traffic spikes.

Source site load balancing

We provide intelligent source site load balancing, which means when a server encounters an error or exception, our edge nodes servers immediately makes a seamless cut-over to preserve the user experience. If you have multiple source sites, you can allocate the requests to each source site with several configuration options.

Customized media player

Included with our Streaming Media Acceleration solution, we provide end-user media players customized to your needs.

Live broadcast feature

Our live broadcast feature supports live recordings, live time-lapse broadcasts, and delayed broadcasts. It also supports all industry standard formats and provides multi-protocol conversion for input and output.

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