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Mobile Acceleration

In recent years there has been robust growth of mobile users and smart mobile device adoption has gained massive momentum. Mobile Internet usage is predicted to continue to grow at a rapid place and providing a seamless user experience is key to gaining market share as slow responses and poor user experiences can lead to users leaving your services. The Mobile Acceleration Solution helps companies improve the speed and availability of the mobile apps and Internet contents regardless of the users' mobile environment including wifi, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

With three years in the making, the Mobile Acceleration Solution is an innovative mobile accelerator service platform comprised of patented technologies including application, protocol, and content transmission optimization. The result is a rapid online distribution environment that leverages the node resources throughout China and all our partner operators, which provides a one-stop mobile CDN solution greatly improving the access experiences of mobile applications.

Mobile Acceleration is applicable to mobile websites, WAP sites, and mobile apps. Major clients use this solution for mobile websites, WAP sites, e-business apps, map apps, LBS applications, financial apps, insurance apps, and multimedia apps.

High Availability.

Mobile data transmission optimization allows you to resolve long delays and high packet loss rate with our patented technology.

Full Network Coverage.

Fully cover wifi, 2G, 3G, and 4G network of China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, and other small and medium-sized operators.

Faster Applications.

By utilizing our SDK you can accelerate your entire app 50% faster when compared to traditional CDN.

Powerful Analytics.

This solution collects data for user access quality so you can analyze and optimize user experience.

Rapid Deployment.

By means of only the CNAME, you can quickly deploy and realize acceleration of all mobile applications and websites.

Load Balancing.

By harnessing global load balancing technology, end users are intellgently routed to the optimal user service cluster.

Improved Experience.

Even dynamic contents are accelerated through the CDN nodes using intelligent routing and mobile optimization technology to improve data transmission rate and service availability.

Enhanced Security.

Realize increased availability with security features including anti-hotlinking functions, source website protection, and access control and orderly source feedback.

Image Optimization.

Images are optimized intelligently according to the terminal and network access protocols to provide a faster, rich, and more visual experience for users.

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