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Faster file delivery.

Download Acceleration

Our Download Acceleration Solution is perfect for big applications, games, large video, images and other files. Once the solution is deployed, it is business as usual. Upload your files as you always do, and our Cloud Platform takes over from there by intelligently distributing the files through our global network, which brings the file closer to the end user.

Better User Experience.

Your users will get faster downloads on any device and anywhere.

Faster In Every Way.

Whether it is through HTTP, FTP, P2P, or any other ways to download, it is all supported by our Download Acceleration solution.

Bullet proof security.

Support for HTTPS protocol. Multiple protection and security measures including file hotlinking.

Powerful Analytics.

Get access to our comprehensive set of analytic tools so you can monitor performance of your contents distribution.

Rock Solid Availability.

Built on our Cloud Platform, it'll make sure users can download even with tremendous access such as on a release date.

Additional Services.

All our solutions come with added security, 24/7 monitoring, load balancing of your original site, reports, and more.

Wangsu is a satisfactory partner of us as it delivers rich resources and proactive services in IDC and CDN support, which effectively enhanced our customers’ user experience for operating and downloading games.

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