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Web Acceleration

Speed is paramount to a quality user experience. Our Web Acceleration Solution speeds up the delivery of all the static contents of your website by intelligently guiding end users to the nearest edge node in our global content delivery network. This creates a better user experience of your website while reducing traffic bottlenecks to your source site.

Faster Experience.

Accelerate website loading of static contents including text, images, and web pages by as much as 300%.


With our Web Acceleration Solution, you do not need to purchase and maintain equipment reducing costs and manpower.

Rock solid Availability.

Avoid the risk of single points of failure and handle large numbers of visitors simultaneously.

Powerful Analytics.

Get access to our comprehensive set of analytic tools so you can monitor and measure performance of your contents distribution.

Added Security.

Includes SSL support and anti-hotlinking ensuring your contents are delivered by your website alone.

Additional Services.

All our solutions come with added security, 24/7 monitoring, load balancing of your original site, reports, and more.

As a leader in the matching making field, Wangsu's technology and solutions have proven very good and flexible. Wangsu's good reputation in the industry and its quality of services are also choose their service. We will definitely continue to strengthen our cooperation with Wangsu in the future.

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