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Faster online shopping experience from any device.

Comprised of a suite of powerful technologies, our E-Commerce Industry Solution accelerates your online shopping experience securely and makes it highly available even during traffic spikes. With this solution enhance user experience for your customers on any device they choose.

E-commerce sites today need to handle stress on their servers due to large amounts of traffic. Secondly, in addition to static contents, websites need to handle transactions and search queries responsively. Lastly, they need to decrypt and transmit the sensitive data of users, which requires processing power and puts demands on the servers. Our e-commerce industry solution addresses these challenges by leveraging our CDN cloud platform. Through intelligent traffic routing, end users can access data from your servers through the fastest and most stable routes. Static contents are cached throughout our network and dynamic contents are compressed/decompressed during delivery to enhance the distribution speed. Lastly, additional security is provided including hiding your source website so that attackers cannot get direct access. This solution gives you a competitive edge by providing your customers with a faster and safer online shopping experience.

  • Increase website profitability
  • Distribute data faster
  • Rock solid security
  • High availability
  • Integrated with our CDN cloud platform
  • Cost-effective

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