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With proliferation of smart phones and devices, the gaming market is bigger than ever. Customers demand faster downloads, fluid game experience, and responsive gaming experiences when playing with others around the world. Our Gaming Industry Solution integrates file download acceleration, webpage acceleration, and mobile acceleration with support for web-based games, PC games, and mobile games. Ultimately, it means faster access to retrieve data and high concurrency giving your customers the best possible gaming experience.

Powered by our world class solutions including Whole Site Acceleration, Download Acceleration, and hosting products of our Data Center services, your customers' user experience is greatly improved from many factors. Users can get faster downloads for game installations, patches, and updates. They experience less lag for real-time online games while your backend is running more gaming sessions concurrently.

In summary, our gaming solution is focused on increasing your user conversion by making sure they can get and install your games as fast as possible, and on increasing your games' stickiness by helping you provide your users with faster updates and a more fluid experience.

  • Faster downloads
  • Optimized experience
  • Faster downloads
  • High concurrency support
  • More cost-effective
  • Comprehensive solution suite

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