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ChinaNetCenter Granted with the 2012 Public-welfare Innovation Award

27 Apr 2013

2012 (the second) Public-welfare Festival of China is opened in Beijing. ChinaNetCenter wins "2012 Public-welfare Innovation Award” by virtue of its charity cooperation project with Canyou Group. Together with ChinaNetCenter, other eight companies are also granted with this award, including Canon, Dell China, and JP Morgan Chase.

"When enterprises provide public-welfare services, they should choose their own strengths and continue. Only in this way, may the public services last longer and be more full of vitality." Said Liucheng Yan, President of ChinaNetCenter, when sharing at the meeting: "How to change the public services from one-way pay-out to two-way benefiting is a question that the whole society shall discuss, so as to find the new public-service model. We sincerely hope that more enterprises in China pay attention to the development of the social enterprises such as Canyou Group, so as to share values during cooperation."

Since 2012, ChinaNetCenter has engaged Canyou Software under Canyou Group as its project outsourcing support organization, so as to arrange part of ChinaNetCenter’s R&D items to be developed by Canyou Software, with technical training and support delivered. While meeting our own R&D needs, this arrangement brings new business growth for Canyou Software. In addition, ChinaNetCenter uses its own resource advantages in data centers and network acceleration industry to provide a wealth of data center resource support and network acceleration service for Canyou Group. Such support for resources has been lasted for decades.

UK Social Enterprise Coalition gives a definition for "social enterprise": “use commercial means to achieve social purposes." As a typical social enterprises, Canyou Group relies on its self-operational development to provide stable employment for more than 3,700 people with disabilities. Such public-service cooperation practiced by ChinaNetCenter ties Canyou Group and businesses closely to share values.

It is understood that the Public-welfare Festival of China in this year has the theme of "let the public welfare be an attitude", which will bring together government leaders, international organizations and NGO leaders, well-known experts and scholars, performers and sports stars, and many outstanding public-service representatives from Fortune 500 companies, state-owned and private enterprises. It is aimed at, under the background of vigorous development of China's public welfare, exploring the road to continued growth of China's public welfare and facilitating the development of public welfare in China.

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