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ChinaNetCenter: Deep Cultivation of Cloud Distribution Platform to Develop the Carrier Market

27 Apr 2013

January 30, 2013, Beijing -- " Horizontal and vertical expansion cross the industry chain is the key point for third-party CDN service providers to deliver on-going business growth in the future," said David Liu, VP of ChinaNetCenter, on  CDN Asia 2013 on January 29. “On the one hand, the horizontal expansion means evolution from CDN platform to cloud distribution platform, as a content distributor between the public cloud and end-users; and on the other hand, the vertical expansion means use of our own content distribution platform and technology advantage to provide services for operators.

It is understood that the cloud distribution platform of ChinaNetCenter completed the first phase of cloud architecture transformation in 2011. Currently, more than 10,000 servers are running, with 1.8T bandwidth, making great improvement in resource utilization, service efficiency and safety performance. The platform uses a distributed deployment architecture and provides standard API interfaces, so it can realize standardized management, with strong stability and scalability. The platform has currently been interfaced with cloud platforms of Tencent, Baidu cloud and Sina.

At the meeting, Mr. Liu Hongtao also shared information on vertical expansion of ChinaNetCenter in industry chains. For such problems as high settlement costs between carriers’ networks and low inter-network access speed, ChinaNetCenter introduces a content and traffic management platform solution (referred to as CTM). Via the CTM platform, Internet contents are cached on an operator’s network; meanwhile, the contents stored in the networks of other operators are introduced into the operator's network, so that users’ access to the contents can be finished in the local network as far as possible. Thus, network traffic can be orderly controlled, and usage of exit bandwidth can be reduced, effectively improving the end-users’ access experiencing. Currently, ChinaNetCenter are providing CTM services for 18 provincial companies of China Mobile.

Founded in 2000, ChinaNetCenter mainly provides customers with content distribution and acceleration, network optimization, server hosting and rental and other Internet platform solutions, and it is the largest comprehensive service provider of CDN and IDC in China. With strong R&D capabilities and rich operating experience, ChinaNetCenter has not only acquired 2000 customers, but has assumed network and video acceleration services for many major projects, including the 2010 Spring Festival, the Shanghai World Expo, the World Cup in South Africa, and the Guangzhou Asian Games.

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