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ChinaNetCenter's Profit Rises 104 % in 2014 to Enter the Cloud Computing Market in 2015

16 Mar 2015

·        In 2014, ChinaNetCenter's net profit isRMB 484 million yuan, an increase of 104% over that of last year.

·        The annual R&D investment reachesRMB 161 million yuan, 91.87% of synchronous growth.

·        New Malaysian subsidiary will continueto increase our overseas business expansion.

·        In 2015, launch a cloud strategy toenter the cloud computing market.

On March 16, 2015 - Beijing, ChinaNetCenter (stock code: 300017)released 2014 Annual Report. In 2014, the operating income of Company wasRMB1.911 billion yuan, representing a growth of 58.57% over the same periodlast year; the net profit attributable to the listed company was 484 millionyuan, an increase of 104% over last year. In 2014, ChinaNetCenter realizeddouble growth of the net profit again to defend the top spot in CDN industry.In 2015, the company will enter the cloud computing market and positioninfrastructure services layer to provide many cloud computing services includingcloud hosting, cloud storage and cloud distribution.


Liu Hongtao, vice president of ChinaNetCenter, said:"Over the past year, the Internet and mobile Internet continue to maintaina rapid growth, and accelerate the penetration of businesses into every work oflife to boost meaningful increase in business and performance. In 2015,'Internet +' will promote the rise and the explosive development of many fieldsand industries of mobile Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, bigdata, etc., in which the cloud computing will become the central nerve of theentire industry to bring change of the entire industry form, and derivehundreds of billions even multi-trillion large-scale markets.

ChinaNetCenterwill also actively participate in this change and attempt to take a place inthe future cloud computing market so as to create more imagination room for thecompany development." In 2014, ChinaNetCenter continued to adhereto product innovation, and increased R& D investment. During the reportperiod, the R&D investment is RMB161 million yuan, an increase of 91.87%.The Company had released and updated mobile acceleration solution MAA for themobile Internet market, and enterprise application acceleration solutions APPAaccording to the traditional enterprise information needs, helping the companyto bear fruit in the expansion of two key markets of the mobile Internet andgovernment & enterprise, including Didi taxi, China Construction Bank,Nestle, etc. Many industry representative companies began to use the CDNcontent distribution services. At the end of the year, the Company launchedCloudedge self-service platform to further expand the company's market coverageand to help SMEs to develop long-tail market.

 Meanwhile,in 2014, in the international business development, in order to develop theAsia-Pacific, Europe and other markets, the Company set up a subsidiary in Malaysia, and entered into a strategicpartnership with South Koreaand many other Asia-Pacific operators including SKB to better explore overseasbusiness. Currently, ChinaNetCenter has already two overseas subsidiaries in the United States and Malaysia, amounted to more than 30overseas accelerated nodes. The services cover Asia, Europe, America andother regions and countries around the world.

     It is understood that,ChinaNetCenter would launch the cloud strategy to formally enter the cloudcomputing market in 2015. ChinaNetCenter hasaccumulated many years' experience in IDC and CDN markets and so has a wealthof technical infrastructure and operation and maintenance experiences. The hugeplatform resources are also beneficial to the extension of cloud computingbusiness on the basis. Currently, ChinaNetCenter's cloud hosting, cloudstorage and cloud distribution has received national "Trusted Cloud"certification. The company will continue to build the ChinaNetCenter CDNservice cloud, keeping the size of the industry's first cloud distributionplatform, take advantage of the company in the cloud computing field, andexplore many kinds of cloud computing business models, such as, cloud storage,hybrid cloud and so on.

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