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ChinaNetCenter Released the Semi-Annual Report of 2014, in which Total Revenue and Net Profit Grow Respectively By 74.69% and 246.72% Year-On-Year

31 Jul 2014

July31st, 2014, Beijing - according to the Semi-Annual Report of 2014 officially released by ChinaNetCenter (stock symbol: 300017) today, in the first half of 2014, the total revenue and net profit belonged to the listed corporation totaled CNY 875 million and CNY 193million, growing 74.69% and 246.72% year-on-year respectively. And the CDN business income amounted to CNY 755 million, increasing 96.69% YOY and accounting for 86% of company’s total revenue. On the other hand, R&D investment of the company was CNY 61 million, up 103.61% YOY.

“A good development momentum in the internetindustry has provided a good external environment for the company’s performanceimprovement. Rapid development in video industry, continued growth of user scale, enrichment and high-definition orientation of content, and wide usage of mobile video and internet TV have all contributed to the rapid growthof video traffic. And with the mature streaming media acceleration solutions, ChineNetCenter has achieved steady increase in business volume,” said Liu Hongtao, Vice president of ChinaNetCenter, “in addition, during the first half of the year,government and enterprise markets have been smoothly and successfully expanded and the mobile internet market has also been opened, which all becoming the new business growth sources, and making it possible for ChinaNetCenter to maintain its leading position in the CDN market in China.”

In March of 2014, ChinaNetCenter presented the mobile application acceleration (MAA) solution to achieve the “Last Mile” acceleration of network transmission, which can substantially enhance the experience of mobile internet access. MAA is a break through of CDN technology in the mobile realm, helping the company to really get involved into the mobile internet market. While at the same time, APPA upgrading also contributes to the growthof company’s performance in the market of government and enterprise. Inaddition, ChinaNetCenter has also tried the business in the cloud computing storage.In July, ChinaNetCenter’s cloud host and object storage service were awarded “Trusted Cloud Certification” among the first batch.

In the first half of the year, ChinaNetCenter continuesto increase R&D investment to quicken technology upgrading and optimize product structure and experience, which in long run, regarding the development of company, will help the company enhance the technological capacity and maintain the leading-edge technology.

With the advantage of technological innovation ability, accurate market trend information and market expanding, ChinaNetCenter has achieved rapid growth in business performance and net profit for three consecutive years. Liu Chengyan, President and CEO of ChinaNetCenter, thereby ranked the second in 2014 Forbes China Best CEOs List. In the second half of the year, ChinaNetCenter will focus on the expanding the government, enterprise and mobile internet markets, research and innovation of new technology and product, continue to increase investment in the realm of cloud host, cloud storage and distribution, enrich and strengthen the platform service ability in the four aspects of transmission, storage, computing and security.

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