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Instant,speedy and unimpeded-The First Mobile Application Accelerator was develped by ChinaNetCenter

27 Mar 2014


Instant , speedy and unimpeded

The first Mobile Application Accelerator was developed by ChinaNetCenter

In March 26, 2014, ChinaNetCente, which is the biggest content delivery network and internet data centre provider in China, launched the first acceleration solution of web applications: MAA(Mobile Application Accelerator, which is to accelerate web apps)in China. This solution is aimed to improve the wireless transmission of the mobile client applications, and can be applied into mobile office, gaming, e-commerce, consultation and so on, making the experience of surfing online much better.

The vice president of ChinaNetCenter Liu Hongtao said, “in all transmissions, the one between company source station and mobile source station is about 30%, and the one between mobile source station and mobile clients is about 70%, so the time consumed in the mobile network is much more than that consumed in fixed network, which means that we badly need a solution which can improve the availability, stability and user experience of the mobile internet. In response to this demand, we developed MAA,which can increase the acceleration effect by 50%, and increase transmission speed by 40%. ”

The mobile application in China is booming, but the user of mobile network has a higher demand in terms of user experience. No surprisingly, how to change user experience has become the focus of mobile network industry. MAA is based on the leading content delivery platform of China Net Centre, and can increase transmission speed by more than 50% on average, using its unique wireless transmission optimization technique, which is to embed codes into APPs. In the same time, MAA can provide comprehensive monitor and analysis of network quality for companies and help developers improve usability and user experience of applications.

 The advantages of MAA:

1.           Efficient link optimization technique: MAA can provide ways to use link repeatedly, which can increase the usability rate and response speed.

2.           Up-loading optimization technique: MAA can efficiently improve the transmission speed of uploading, increasing loading rate and availability respectively by 100% and 99.5%, and saving traffic by up to 30%.

3.           Bandwidth-awareness and optimization technique: MAA can intellectually detect the software/hardware environment, network type and signal intensity, adjusting acceleration strategy in time according to different application scenarios.

4.           Matching content intellectually: MAA can support lossless compression of HTML, JS, CSS, TXT and XML. The self-developed technique of wireless transmission and compression can increase the transmission speed by 40%. MAA can also adjust the delivery size of images intellectually according to different terminal image resolution.



 Scenario one: reading information

In the information-explosive modern world, we read news or books by mobile phone apps everywhere, including subways, buses and sea beaches  …… let’s take M as an example, he was reading a piece of entertainment news on mobile phone by using wifi at home, then he went out to take subways to meet his friend. In the subway, he wanted to continue the reading by 3G net work.  However, the downloading state of his mobile phone was always “buffering . He waited for up to 1 minute, but there was still no result……he was very disappointed, having no solution but to give up.

However, if the news app uses MAA in its backstage, which can support different network types, including 2G, 3G, 4G, wifi provided by China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, it will allow users to subscribe any news they concern at any time and place, which will definitely increase its usability and user loyalty.

Before acceleration 8.28s                    After acceleration 5.37s

Total acceleration rate 54.1%    the tendency analysis of APP loading time in context of 3G network


Scenario two: map navigation

Mr M is a user of China Mobile 2G network, and has worked in Beijing for 2 years. Not long ago, he bought a car, and implemented map navigation application inside it. One day, Mr M was driving along the highway in high speed, and soon got to the exit. However, because of the slow response of the map navigation app, he was not sure whether to go out of the highway or just wait in place to allow the app tell him where to go. Gradually, after one disappointment after another, Mr M gave up using the map navigation app because of its inconvenience.

MAA can solve the unavailability of APPs in context of 2G network, and improve the performance of APPs in context of 3G network……if MAA was applied in the backstage of the map navigation APP,it can select nodes intellectually for information transmission, always finding the best and the quickest path for mobile network users, providing speedy, unimpeded and instant transmission for app users.

Before acceleration 15.46s                      Before acceleration 9.56s               

Total acceleration rate 61.7%    the tendency analysis of APP loading time in context of 2G network


About ChinaNetCentre

ChinaNetCenter was founded in January, 2000. It is a leading internet service platform provider and one of the largest content delivery network platforms, providing internet solutions such as content distribution and acceleration, server hosting and rental, and network optimization solutions. It was publicly listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in October, 2009.

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