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Revenue of ChinaNetCenter increased 47% in 2013, sitting on the first chair steadily of CDN industry.

17 Mar 2014

ChinaNetCenter (Stock Symbol:300017) officially published the annual report to the public today. The company revenue in 2013 is 1.205 billion yuan(CNY), and the operating net income of the listed company is 237 million yuan (CNY), increasing 47.89% and 128.15% respectively than that of last year. ChinaNetCenter made big progress again with the company revenue of 1.205 billion yuan (CNY), and its market share ranks top of CDN industry.

Performance Growth of ChinaNetCenter in the recent 4 years from 2010 to 2013

Vice President of ChinaNetCenter states,”Broadband China” is gradually making its progress. The development space of ChinaNetCenter will be broadened to a great extent by explosive boost of mobile Internet,application of cloud computing, and the accelerated-pace of the Internet layout of traditional enterprises. In future, ChinaNetCenter will be focusing on the market of large and medium enterprises. They will improve efficiency of the Information Technology in the whole society and consumers’ experience of visiting websites by technology innovation and strengthened services.

On business of ChinaNetCenter in 2013, the company not only maintained steady growth of traditional Internet clients, but also made breakthroughs in the marketing of both enterprises and governments, including Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China, Ministry of Land and Resources of the People’s Republic of China, and many representatives of related industry like HUAWEI, Haier, for they began to use content distribution service offered by ChinaNetCenter. Meanwhile, ChinaNetCenter strengthened its layout in overseas markets, with overseas connections adding up to 28 in 2013, spreading Europe, America, Africa, and Asia-Pacific areas. On technology innovations, the application of cloud computing restructured and optimized the original CDN platform, and the new CDN cloud distribution platform will extremely improve utilization rates of resources, service efficiency and safety. Besides,added investment is devoted to areas of mobile Internet and big-data digging by ChinaNetCenter.

It is said that ChinaNetCenter will soon offer solutions exclusively to mobile APPs, in order to meet continuously increasing demands of mobile Internet.

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