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  • MAR, Wangsu officially launches three major security nodes in Los Angeles, Singapore and Japan
  • JAN, Wangsu Qisutong service is online.


  • DEC, Wangsu release new brand of the cloud security - "Wangsu Shield".
  • DEC, Wangsu enters the customized IDC market.
  • DEC, Wangsu launches the Middle East node.
  • OCT, CDN International Standards leading by Wangsu is approved by ITU.
  • AUG, Wangsu is granted the license of the Cloud Service Business by MIIT.
  • AUG, Wangsu participates in China Unicom's mixed reform.
  • JUL, Wangsu officially joins the ITU-T.
  • MAY, All Indian nodes are online.
  • MAY, Wangus acquires CDN-video, a leading CDN service provider in Russia.
  • APR, Wangsu Liquid-cooled data center refreshes energy-saving records and officially online.
  • MAR, Wangsu acquires CDNetworks, Korea's largest CDN service provider.
  • MAY, All Indian nodes are online.


  • Wangsu tops the Value Ranking List of Listed Companies on China's GEM.
  • Wangsu tops the A-Share Market Value Management Ranking List and the Golden Bull Bes
  • GEM Companies. Wangsu comes 12th on China's Top 100 Internet Companies and wins the First Prize for Science and Technology Progress in Shanghai. Wangsu's cloud host is among the first to pass trusted cloud security certification.


  • Wangsu Chairman & CEO Liu Chengyan is named by Fortune Chinese Edition "Best Listed Company CEO of China in 2015". Wangsu's state-certified enterprise technology center passes ISO20000/27001 dual system certification.
  • Wangsu's cloud distribution service passes trusted cloud certification. Wangsu’sCDN platform software V2.0 "Wangsu MAA Mobile Distribution V2.0", "WEB Application Firewall" and "WangSu Network Application Optimization Platform Software" receive IT information security product certification


  • Wangsu is shortlisted as returns dimension sample stocks in "2014 CCTV Finance 50 Index".
  • Wangsu is named by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as China's Contract-Honoring and Trusted Enterprise" and "Well-Known Trademark in China"
  • The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology awards Wangsu the title of "National Technology Innovations Demonstration Enterprise"
  • The Ministry of Science and Technology awards Wangsu the title of "Key High/New Technology of the National Torch Program".
  • Wangsu's network application optimization platform software receives a 2014 High/New Technological Industrialization Achievement Certificate. Wangsu's cloud host and object storage are among the first to pass trusted cloud certification


  • JAN. Wangsu cloud platform is officially interfaced with Baidu cloud platform and Sina cloud platform
  • FEB. Wangsu becomes the council member of "Broadband Development Alliance"
  • FEB. Wangsu provides CDN services for live video of CNTV and CCTV Spring Festival Gala


  • 2012. Wangsu's subsidiary in U.S. is formally established
  • AUG. Wangsu increases its overseas acceleration nodes to 25 ones throughout Asia, Europe, America and Africa
  • DEC. Wangsu becomes a member of "China Future Network Product Innovation Alliance"
  • AUG. Wangsu provides CDN services for the official website of London Olympics


  • JAN. Wangsu provided CDN services for the official website of the Ministry of Railways
  • NOV. Wangsu launched cloud distribution network platform, beginning to enter the cloud computing field


  • FEB. Wangsu provides CDN services for CNTV 2010 Spring Festival Evening Party webcast and Tencent World Expo's official website
  • MAY. Wangsu first announces WSA whole-site acceleration solution in the industry
  • JULY. Wangsu first launches 12 overseas nodes across the global, and the global acceleration strategy starts
  • JULY. Shanghai Wangsu Co., Ltd. is officially changed its name as Wangsu Co., Ltd.


  • FEB. Wangsu is officially listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM
  • OCT. Wangsu provides CDN services for live video of ifeng.com National Day military parade and the Dazhong network's 2009 National Games


  • JUN. Shanghai Wangsu Development Co., Ltd. is officially changed its name as Shanghai Wangsu Co., Ltd.
  • AUG. Wangsu win the title of "Beijing 2008 Olympic Games new media communication technology partner"
  • OCT. Named as "Shanghai trustworthy enterprise for 2006 - 2007" and win the "AAA of contract credit rating for 2007"


  • MAY. Wangsu gets the first round of financing, totaling RMB 40 million yuan


  • APR. The first in the industry to launch CDN2.0 technology and promote CDN technology upgrades
  • OCT. Formally propose the concept of "Internet service platform provider" in the industry


  • MAY. The first in the industry to launch CDN1.0 technology with independent intellectual property


  • AUG. Wangsu R&D center is set up in Xiamen


  • MAY. Launch IPSEC technology-based VPN management platform, and acquire the innovation fund from the State Science and Technology Commission
  • OCT. Lunch the order-style server rental service and become the main product mode for renting servers in the industry


  • MAR. Develop Internet-based mobile SMS business platform, and provide integration services for enterprises and SP users


  • APR. In joint force with HP, COMPAQ, Dell And other companies, first launch the server rental services in the industry
  • OCT. First launch "one-stop" IDC services in the industry


  • JAN. Shanghai Wangsu Development Co., Ltd. is formally established in Shanghai
  • MAY. The first in the industry to launch the international standard data center SLA quality assurance agreement
  • JULY. Set up the first independent-IPR data center – Guomen IDC room

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