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  • MAR,Wangsu wins” Shanghai's 2017 Advanced Unit for the Protection of Internet Security Levels”.
  • JAN,Wangsu wins"2017 State Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise".


  • DEC, Wangsu is honored as China’s Top 50 Listed Companies.
  • OCT,Wangsu cloud delivery/ cloud computing platform wins National Third-level Security Certification.
  • OCT,Wangsu wins the 7th of the global Top 100 IoT products List.
  • AUG,Wangsu ranks 14th on China’s Top 100 Internet Companies.
  • JUL,Wangsu Cloud Backup and Cloud Drive win trusted cloud security certification
  • JAN,Wangsu Network Security Service obtains Level 1 Qualification of Emergency Service Response.


  • Wangsu passes the MIIT trusted cloud security certification
  • Wangsu wins the Value Ranking List and the Top Ten Management Team dual champions of Listed Companies on China’s GEM 2015-2016 Wangsu wins the "China's Leading Brand" title
  • Wangsu wins "China’s Contract-Honoring and Trusted Enterprise" publicity certificate
  • Wangsu's cloud host is among the first to pass trusted cloud security certification
  • Wangsu tops the Value Ranking List of Listed Companies on China's GEM
  • Wangsu wins the best CEO golden award
  • Wangsu is named the China Top Ten Listed Companies
  • Wangsu is among the first to win the Contents Delivering Network (CDN) business license plate


  • Wangsu passes the MIIT trusted cloud security certification
  • Wangsu Chairman & CEO Liu Chengyan Tops "Best Listed Company CEO of China in 2015"
  • Wangsu is named "National Enterprise Technology Center"


  • Wangsu passes the MIIT trusted cloud security certification
  • The Ministry of Science and Technology awards Wangsu the title of "Key High/New Technology of the National Torch Program".
  • Wangsuwins the title of "National Technology Innovations Demonstration Enterprise"


  • Wangsu receives a certificate of Key Software Enterprise under State Planning.


  • JAN. "IT product information security certification"
  • APR. Awarded the 2012 China SME Innovation and Research Model
  • MAY. "Golden Award of the Sixth Outstanding Achievement Award for China Communication and IT Applications"
  • MAY. One of "Top Ten Internet industry solution providers in 2012"
  • JUN. APPA Application acceleration solution is awarded with "2011-2012 group company satisfactory application acceleration solution"
  • DEC. Wangsu APPA enterprise application acceleration solution wins "Outstanding Product Award of the Year" in 2012 China IT Billboard
  • DEC. Best Internet Application Service of the year
  • DEC. Named "2012 outstanding E-government service provider"
  • DEC. One of "Top 20 of excellent service providers in the 7th Chinese online retailer annual meeting"
  • DEC. Wangsu's Mato Traffic wins “Editor's Choice in 2012 IT Billboard"


  • JAN. Named "Excellent CDN Internet service provider"
  • APR. Finish the Quality Management System Certification ISO9001: 2008
  • APR. Named the Innovation Star of China Manufacturing IT Engineering in 2010
  • APR. One of “Top 30 of China industry EC outstanding service providers in 2010"
  • NOV. "The top-ten new technology application award for innovation China"
  • DEC. Named "AAA-credibility enterprise in corporate credit rating"
  • DEC. Named "Excellent cooperation unit for Internet information security in 2011"
  • DEC. Named "the Best Internet IDC operator of the year"


  • JAN. No. 50 of Forbes' most potential Chinese enterprises" in 2010
  • JAN. Wangsu IDC and CDN integrated solution wins the best application award of CIW Editor's Choice for 2009
  • JAN. Wangsu streaming media CDN acceleration solution wins the innovation and technology award of CIW Editor's Choice for 2009
  • JAN. Win CCW year-end rating for 2009 -- Innovation Enterprise Award
  • JAN. Wangsu is Named a famous trademark in Shanghai
  • FEB. Named little giant enterprise in Jiading District in 2009
  • FEB. Cultural and information industry comprehensive strength award of Jiading District in 2009
  • FEB. Named excellent operator for modern service industry in Jiading District in 2009
  • FEB. Modern service industry comprehensive strength gold award of Jiading District in 2009
  • MAR. The R&D center is Named 2007-2009 advanced group of Jiading District, Shanghai
  • MAR. Outstanding contribution award of Xuxing Town, Jiading District
  • APR. Named best professional CDN service provider in China Internet market in 2009 -2010
  • MAY. Mr. Liu Chengyan, Chairman of Wangsu, is Named one of Top Ten People for growth and innovation in China EC e-value billboard
  • AUG. Most Valuable Product/Service Award of China Internet Conference
  • AUG. Named Trustworthy Enterprise in Shanghai in 2008-2009
  • AUG. Acquire AAA contract credit grade in 2008-2009
  • OCT. Wangsu WSA whole-site acceleration solution wins the Excellent Solution Award in brilliant 25th anniversary of China's information industry
  • NOV. Wangsu WSA whole-site acceleration solution wins the most valuable project award in China Internet in 2010
  • DEC. 2010 best game IDC service provider award at the third WEBGAME and SNS operation convention in 2010
  • DEC. Award of Top 50 China's online retail excellent service providers for 2010
  • DEC. Best Innovation Enterprise Award for 2010
  • DEC. Best Game IDC Service Provider Award for 2010
  • DEC. Standard Chartered Bank's 2010 fifth “most-growing cutting-edge business awards" -- Quality Excellence Enterprise Award
  • DEC. 2010 Pacesetter Enterprise Award of Xuxing Town, Jiading District
  • DEC. 2010 Charity Enterprise Award of Xuxing Town, Jiading District
  • DEC. 2010 SME Market Innovation Model Award
  • DEC. 2010 outstanding CDN Internet service provider award
  • DEC. Top-100 Award for China Internet Industry in 2010 granted by Internet Society of China
  • DEC. Wangsu whole-site acceleration software is identified as a high-tech achievement transformation project in Shanghai


  • MAR. Named "the fastest-growing company of the year" and "the best professional CDN service provider" in China CDN market for 2008-2009
  • AUG. "The most potential award for China Industry Information Technology in 2009"
  • NOV. Named "national excellent IDC service provider in 2009”
  • NOV. Wangsu CDN solution earns the "Outstanding Project Award for 2009"
  • NOV. Named "best IDC service provider for China web games in 2009"
  • DEC. "Excellent contribution award of China's IDC industry for 2009"
  • DEC. Named "Influential Enterprise of China's information industry in 2009"
  • DEC. "The gold award for China IT industry's best product provider for brilliant 60th anniversary in 2009"


  • JAN. "Service quality award for China's IDC industry ceremony in 2007"
  • FEB. Wangsu CDN platform software V2.0 is regarded as the Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project
  • AUG. "Beijing 2008 Olympic Games new media communication technology partner”
  • SEP. AAA certification for China Internet industry corporate credibility
  • OCT. Named "Shanghai trustworthy enterprise for 2006 - 2007" and earned the "AAA of contract credit rating for 2007"
  • DEC. Wangsu CDN customer service system, wsView2.0, wins CIW Editor's Choice Award for 2008
  • DEC. Named "high-growth enterprise in China's information industry for 2008"
  • DEC. Wangsu CDN platform software V2.0 is formally incorporated into "National Torch Plan Project of Ministry of Science and Technology of China for 2008-2009" and "Key New Product Program"
  • DEC. "Shanghai Science and Technology Award" of Shanghai government


  • JAN. "Best Customer Satisfaction Award" and "CDN Technology Pioneer Award" in China IDC industry development survey and IDC industry annual ceremony
  • AUG. "Preferred IDC&CDN service provider for China industry e-commerce"
  • SEP. Identified as "High-tech Enterprise" by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission
  • OCT. Wangsu CDN2.0 is selected as the key new product by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission


  • JAN. "Best growth award for Beijing Netcom agency in 2005"
  • JAN. "Best performance award for 2005" and "best growth award of Channel Conference for 2005"
  • MAR. Named "outstanding enterprise for 2005"
  • AUG. Named "trustworthy enterprise for 2004-2005" and earned "AA of contract credit rating for 2004-2005"


  • JUN. Named "best partner for China Telecom's IDC services"
  • JUN. Identified as "high-tech enterprise"
  • OCT. "ztechnology innovation fund acceptance certificate for tech SMEs in 2003"


  • JUN. Sutong VPN is named "Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project"
  • OCT. Named "trustworthy enterprise for 2003" and win "AA of contract credit rating for 2003"


  • JUN. Identified as "high-tech enterprise"
  • OCT. Named "trustworthy enterprise for 2002" and earned "AA of contract credit rating for 2002"


  • MAR. Named advanced private enterprise of Jiading District in 2002


  • NOV. Awarded "Shanghai Hi-tech Enterprise Certificate"

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